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A page dedicated to my last works.
Usually, but not always, my last work is my favourite, so this page will change a lot, according to the speed of my production.

The bull and the island - cm 61x41 Oil on canvas. £200
A bull on the edge of the continent. Behind him an island the sea between them . The island is female as it is all the surrounding around the bull. The bull is the representation of masculine, testosterone on legs. The female land is accepting his display of strength, totally unnecessary, with maternal immobile patience

New work. In and yang

New work. Passion (another kiss)

Passion (another kiss) Oil on canvas cm 70x70 A bigger version of a painting previously presented in this site. It is a painting I particularly like.
Price £300

A blues singer Oil on canvas - not available but it can be reproduced (contact for details)

New work. Singer of R&B

Passion and global warming Not available but can be reproduced

New work. Passion and global warming

Not available but can be reproduced (Contact for details)

New work. Dancers

Portrait of a stranger - oil on wood

New work. Portrait of a stranger

New work. Guys on the edge

Guys on the edge -3/2023 size A3 Mix media on paper
Price £120

Study of some urban tribes in an unfamiliar environment. An edge is very near them. Some Scarlett red matter seems to be leaking from walls. Blood? Just paint? What unfamiliar future will embrace our four anti-heroes ?

New work. Desolation

Desolation - 5/2023 Size A3 mix media on paper -
Price £180

Two young men are sitting on a tube’s bench, they are both involved in their own process and seem to be unable to relate to each other. Here is the reason for them being in a desolating environment which it could change into an amicable one if they could project toward one another instead on inward

The noir collection

The following few paintings belong to a collection in progress as we speak. Itr is an inspired collection to the Noir filmography. They are painting mainly using monochrome; sometime I introduce an extra shade of colour. I found that an acid yellow can work well with black and white, or that red can charge the whole picture with feelings of voluptuous lust or fear. Alternative, some shades of light brown or beige can automatically turn the picture with some sense of antique, of retrieved in a memory box only occasionally open. I think i will carry on experimenting with monochrome plus one for a while .

A these kiosks are popping up everywhere

New work. A bar

New work. Self-portray in noir

Self-portrait in noir Oil on paper A3

New work. Noir still life

Noir still-life Oil on paper

New work. Motherly love

Motherly love - Oil on cardboard

New work. The ghost and a fugitive

The ghost and the running man - 6/2023 Size A3. Oil on paper
Price £ 180

A man is on the run. A ghostly figure is present. Just a development of a noir subject in a traditional monochrome

New work. The look

The look - 6/2023 Size A3 Oil on paper
Price £100

Another of my Noir collection . The picture concentrates on the look on the female character. It is a look in the dark. Only source of light the lighter of her cigarette which looks suspiciously like a joint. Probably a lady who lives at the limits of legality; those eyes must have seen more than the average person has.

New work. This civilisation is ending and I have nothing to wear

The civilisation is ending and I have nothing to wear - 6/2023 Size A3 Oil on cardboard
Price £180

An introduction of red in a monochromatic picture. An self-indulgent title, reaching beyond the preposterous. An implicit comment to the frivolity of nowadays concerns with values in decadence and the futile answers that we give to ourselves as cosmetic solutions to cosmic problems

The imaginary lands collection

This is a collection of places, cities, countries that don’t exist. They are my experience of these places, They are not views from postcards or even from memories of the places represented, they are the flavour I have in my …. Mouth? Eyes? .. when I think about those places

Pride in London1969 - 7/2023 size A4 Oil on canvas
Price £250

A representation of a march for Pride. Even if, at the time it was called Gay Pride, I haven’t use this description to make it inclusive of all the shades of differences that Pride contains today. Especially in a moment when some individuals are trying to create a division between LGB and the rest, which it is even more hypocritical; in fact those few who belong to LGB groups wouldn’t even notice the Q and the A, what disturbed them the most are the T. Transgenders, transsexuals and transvestites. They want the boys to be boys and the girls will wear pink. They are so very thankful to mainstream society for having given us a handful of rights and now they do not want to rock the boat. They call the gender self-perception a theory and they struggle to use the appropriate pronouns

New work. Pride1968

New work. Imaginary Naples

Imaginary Naples Oil on canvas - it is not representing Naples as a city, it is representing a vespa, a voluptuous lady in a black undergarment putting laundry on a line, a guy in a black suit. The painting is as if it was in monochrome, although it is not black and white. It is like an old black and white movie. This is the Naples i did not know yet as a child; this is the Naples I thought it would have been according to the information I had, as a child. Even now, that I know Naples is different from the stereotype, it is easy for me to think of this city in these terms. I know it is much more than a stereotypical illusion, but it is an illusion which has strong emotions and strong visual and I had to represent it

New work. Bologna 1

Memories of Bologna - 5/2023 Size A3 Oil on canvas
Price £259

An imaginary view of an italian city

New work. Bologna immaginata

Inspired by a walk in Bologna - 05/2023 Size A4 Oil on canvas
Price £250

New work. Roma imaginava

Maybe Rome Oil on canvas - cm 48x65 A view which may reminds of Rome

New work. Abstract

No title- Size A4 2/2023 Oil on canvas

This is my first attempt at an abstract painting.

The tríptico of the Mantellate

This is my very last work. It presents many of my recurrent themes.

It hasn’t been priced yet.

The first is this: The Mantellate and the bull

New work. The Mantellate and the bull

New work. Mant 2

This is the second.

The reunion

New work. Mant 3

The third painting of the tríptico


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