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My work. Logo arte (old)

A quick retrospective of my work

During the period of the COVID lockdown, I began to turn a distracted and mindless hobby into my main activity. . In that period of misery and isolation I met my new artist self. I shredded the skin of the recovery practitioner and underneath I found the artist.

I began my artistic experience by drawing an erotic collection that, although it gave me a great satisfaction to draw it, I prefer to maintain private, not only for the risqué subjects of the pictures, but, mostly, because I don’t think it is a presentable body of work. It was nothing more than a Tom of Finland type of drawing about guys having acrobatic sex, as original as MacDonald. Never less, such doodles injected me the desire to do more and to do better.

In March 2022 I spent 3 months in Pipa, a surfers beach on the north-east cost of Brazil, This tropical experience has influenced my work profoundly. My palett became tropical, my themes infused of the local mystic tradition and beliefs: a dance of old African tribal gods appeared to me wanting to be given a shape and a face; dance, music, tradition of a new land inhabited by the African oldest population….so many elements were asking to be illustrated. .

At my return i began to include oil paintings in my media. My love for oil was at first sight. Despite the fact that my very first attempt with oil turned out to be a grey-ish meatloaf with undefined shape, I understood the intrinsic potential of oil. I could have build a picture just with one colour, forming the image just by using different brush strokes. The plasticity of oil is unique and I found it deeply satisfactory.

I also progressed with my digital work. I designed a logo for it and, all I have to do now is to become internationally famous

My work. Malleable real

Plastic reality - Oil on canvas - cm 36x46 -

A traditional landscape. All is ordinary, quiet, bucolic. Only the brush strokes at a corner of the painting have a different message to convey to the viewer.

Price £180

My work. Segments

A small group of pictures which are on a different mindset

These pictures have been made as an exploration and experimentation of Conceptual Art - Pop Art. One thing that used to irritate me about Conceptual Art used to be the amount of literature which goes with the work. I never thought was very fair to have to read so much in order to appreciate. So, I decided not to say much about this pictures. Segments - mixed media watercolours on paper. I live to the viewer the task to ignore them, like them, hate them be totally indifferent to them, judge them with severity, indulge them or any other reaction will be absolutely the right one.

Here we go:

Segments - watercolour and mixed media on paper . Size A3.

My work. Bad memories

Nights of anguish in childhood - ```watercolours on paper - size A3

My work. Yellow cavalier

Yellow Cavaleer - mixed media on paper - size A3

My work. Pieces

Pieces - Mixed media on paper - Size A3.

My work. They don’t know, i don’t know

They don’t know, I don’t know - Watercolour on paper - Size A3. I find difficult not to say anything about this picture, but I will not change my commitment

My work. The Matriarc

The Matriarch Watercolour painting representing a pseudo matriarchal family in which the matriarch has just sat on the patriarchal throne but has maintained the same values.

My work. Cangaceros

Cangaceiros These were the bandits/heroes of a Brazil revolting against a detached colonial aristocracy who was exploiting the land and the natives, giving nothing back and taking without any regard or empathy for the indigenous population. These bandits inflamed the imagination of the people and were romanticised , becoming part of the folklore. It is to be said, however, that this people, were closer to Bonney and Clyde than Robin Hood. In fact they were blood thirsty robbers who thought nothing of killing whoever came in their way.

The most romanticised were, in fact, a couple: Lampiao and Maria Bonita who, effectively, had a Bonnie and Clyde’s type of relationship. Eventually the whole band of Cangaceiros was caught, killed and beheaded and their head on show as a deterrent for the people considering to follow their steps.

My work. Fireworks

Fireworks - A memory of a view on the Amalfi coast. I saw it for my first time on a holiday last year and I memorise this sense of land and sea embellished by an exquisite south Italian sense of architecture that it is now lost to favour over-building every available space to exploit the land as much as it is possible

My work. Menino da Pipa

Menino da Pipa This is a painting very dear to me. It is the representation of a cherished memory. My husband and I were walking the streets of Pipa and we run into a local boy. He had the most astonishing body ever, he was perspiring sensuality and testosterone, he was wearing a pair of shorts so low on his loins that a dark line of corse, pubic hair was clearly visible. What made him so sexy was his apparent innocence, He did not seem to be aware of the sentiments he was provoking on other people. Unforgettable

My work. Lampiao

Lampiao Portrait of Lampiao the Cangaceiro

My work. The Gnostics

The Gnostics a playful representation of the Christian son of god and the belief in the Christian gnostics that, like the serpent, later identified as Lucifer, also Jesus’ intention was to bring to humanity the awareness to forget an external god and look into themselves for the answer to eternal life and salvation. He wanted to share with the worlds his knowledge of who and what we are, instead of letting us worship some magic creature with unclear and dubious origins. So here they are: Jesus and Lucifer (not Satan, they are not the same person) dancing at the sound of Dancing queen. They both flaunt an erection for extra provocation

My work. The balcony

Random retrospective

,A collection of drawings and paintings will be shown here. These were the final result of some projects I gave to myself to illustrate some themes I wanted to explore. They have a didactic purpose mainly, however, to me they represented moments of arrival to some goals, so I found interesting to record them in this space.
The balcony

My work. A woman with coffee maker

woman with coffee

My work. The green beans peeler

t The green beans pealem Typical activity of very poor Brazilians. Mostly a feminine activity. The women sit on the street, on steps ornithology their back against a tree and they go through mountains of a type of beans of the region.

My work. The initiated

My work. Bacanal 1

My work. Dimensions and connections

My work. Bad sisters

My work. Eye level

My work. Black holes in town

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