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Artist and Illustrator in Camberwell

The transformation of this website

If you have ever visited me in the past, you will see that this site has gone through a drastic transformation: from a tool to illustrate my counselling service into a journal of my work as an artistand illustrator.

This page was created not only to show my work, but also as a journal of my artistic development. My growth is not only artistic, but also philosophical.

The guests visiting this page, will also have the opportunity to discover me as a story teller.

A newly born artist in Camberwell

I work from my studio in Camberwell, South London and from a beach home in Pipa, a small surfers village near Natal in the North-East of Brazil. The Brazilian experience has influenced many of my pictures that have absorbed the colourful, iconoclastic richness of such culture that blends in an unique way the sacred and the profane, the mystic and the sensual, the spiritual and the carnal .

Home. The balcony

The balcony is a joyful representation of youth and bond. The young man is waving delighted to somebody he is obviously fond of.
It is anexpressionist figure which reminds to the viewer of comics books read in the past.
Whatercolour, ink and pencils on paper.

Home. The green man

The green man is a figure that represent Pan, Dioniso, or the green man of the Anglo-Saxon tradition of the Wicca, the old, native religion. The picture represents a gentle male figure, blending into his environment in harmony with nature

Watercolours and pencils on paper
Picture framed

Home. Baianas

Baianas Folklore in Brazil. The Baianas are in their traditional costume ready to worship the the Orixas in a ritual. Community, worship and bending of reality unfolding during an ordinary day in a pragmatic way to bargain with the saints who may or not grant their earthy wishes
Whatercolour and pencils on paper
Picture framed

Home. Bad sisters

Bad sisters

An expressionist interpretation of the intrinsically abusive dynamics of certain family relationships. The three sisters share the same space, but they are clearly divided by their self-appointed rank. The one in the centre of the figure is sitting down with the other two fussing about her as if she was a piece of merchandise to display at the best offerer. The other side of Cinderella
Watercolour on paper
Picture framed

Home. Forro


Expressionist figure representing the traditional dance of the North-East of Brazil. Usually played with three instruments, armonium, drum and triangle and danced in couple, cheek to cheek, with fast, small steps and sensual body movements. In my version the dancers are both male

Watercolour on paper.
Picture framed

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