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Home. The kiss

Artist statement

I want to give body to the emotions and memory that belong to me and to the collective unconscious in my personal language which it is inspired by some of the expressionist painters and the pop art of comics. I am particularly influenced by the Italian `noir comics that became popular in the 60s and 70s as they changed the morality of the country when their popularity became a sociological phenomenon

The triptych of the Mantellate

These three paintings were born after I saw a nun, strolling in the west-end wearing her habit in a way which, I assume, was personalised by some experienced tailor able to combine traditional sartorial skills with a sense of drama and the theatrical.I am not even sure if nuns can make these choices, but, I have learnt that, in this life, where there is power, there is a way. This nun, in particular, looked pretty powerful. It was ether that, or she was somebody in fancy dress. But I doubt it; her body language said nun.
So, i combined some of the characteristics of the expected habits and some pop elements, typical of our present culture. I appropriated myself of the iconic hat of Maleficent, which is recognisable by all generations.

Coincidentally, in that period, I was doing bulls in different poses. I thought that there combination of bulls and nuns had visual effect very evocative; some symbol of Inn and Yang

Home. The Triptico of the Mantellate

Home. The noir film

The noir film - Oil on canvas - cm 61x76 - Painting inspired by an imaginary cinematographic poster for a gangsters movie
Price £ 250

Home. Feeling under scrutiny in a small town

Feeling under scrutiny in a small town - Oil on canvas - cm 29x39 - a painting inspired by old sensations
Price £180

Home. The shower of the soldier

The soldier’s shower
Cm 29x39 (A4)
Oil on paper for oil

An omage to male beauty. This male nude communicates, for me an evocative homoerotic feeling of longing

Price £150

Home. Yellow lunch 2

The party and the loaner

Oil on canvas Cm 40,5x51

A man alone sits giving his shoulders to a party of people sharing a table. Please notice that the guests all use only one side of the table.

Price £250

Home. Africa London

Africa London - Oil on canvas - Cm 44x56 - A face that. To me, it says London. People are at home here.
Price £180

Home. Singer of R&B

Home. A strong presence

A strong presence - Oil on paper for oil paint - Cm 44x57 framed An iconic image. Black, yellow and green shades.
Price £180

Home. Donna Fabia Fabion de Fabian

Donna Fabia Fabion de Fabian - Oil on paper for oil paint - cm 29x39. The title of the painting is taken from a character in a poem of Carlo Porta, a poet from the region of Padua, where I come from. The character is a very pompous woman who enters her church to thank her god for having made her an aristocrat rather than a commoner. I thought that this figure came looking posh enough to impersonate Donna Fabia, who stayed in my thoughts since my school days.
Price to be established

Home. Colette’s phone call from her bed

Colette’s phone conversation from her cozy bed - Oil on paper for oil paint - cm 29x39 - a figurative painting of a snapshot of a Colette that never was.
Price to be established

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